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Retro Modern Studio lauded as pioneering champions of the Modernist movement since its founding in 1978 on 10th Street off University Place, Greenwich Village, by Arthur and Bronnie Hindin. We were first to introduce the term Retro Modern as it applies to a retrospective of 20th Century Design. This term is now part of today's vocabulary. Retro Modern Studio specializes in Mid-Century Design and has a vast collection of lighting, including Design and Art. We work with design firms and invite all who want to purchase a part of our Collection.

Retro Modern Studio are visionary collectors that developed a pioneering aesthetic that establishes us as highly respected fixtures of the New York City design community. We have a deep passion for rare midcentury lighting representing the highest standards of design, innovation, craftsmanship and function.

Good lighting design is the interrelation of light to an interior and user. The subtle quality of light is the ultimate goal of good lighting. Our speciality is Articulated Lighting. Through their articulations these lamps often echo our movement as they crouch, reach or elegantly angle to provide the pleasing shimmer we desire. Lighting offers a freedom for designers and the many novel solutions that keep us, the user, from darkness.